• mPowerpack 25


mPowerpack 25 pocket battery pack

mPowerpack pocket battery pack provides portable charging power which you can carry around and use as and when you like.

Available in 2500, mPowerpack can be charged from the wall or USB. It can also be docked into mPowerpad2 solar charger for charging from the sun – all you need to do is dock, charge, remove and go.



  • 2500mAH Portable Battery Pack
  • Built-in Flashlight
  • Delivers fast charge to a flat iPhone, smartphone
  • Recharge from wall with smartphone USB adaptor
  • Recharge by docking into mPowerpad2 solar charger


  • mPowerpad2 Ultra



mPowerpad2 Ultra

– Built-in 3300mAH Battery
– Bundled with mPowerpack-25
– Allows seamless docking of mPowerpack
– Integrated solar panel
– Flashlight, Reading Light and SOS Signal
– Insect Repllent, FM Radio
– Recharge from wall using standard USB adaptor
– Recharge from placing unit in the sun



Fast charging, ultra portable, versatile

  • Just over 1h of sun* charges a smartphone, as fast as plugging into the wall
  • Charges from sun, wall or USB
  • Charges a smartphone up to 4 times
  • With mPowerpack pocket battery pack, just charge, remove and go
  • Comes with built-in reading light (35 lumens), flashlight and SOS signal, FM radio and insect repellant


  • Battery capacity: 5800 mAh (3300 mAh internal + 2500 mAh removable); 3.7V
  • Internal battery type: Lithium polymer
  • Output: 2 USB ports, 5V, up to 2000 mA
  • Solar panel: Polycrystalline
  • Dimensions: 241.2 x 185.7 x 19.5 mm (9.5 x 7.3 x 0.7″)
  • Weight: 610g (1.3 lb)

What’s in the box

  • mPowerpad 2 Ultra solar charger
  • mPowerpack 25 pocket battery pack
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard

* Charge times may depend on weather conditions
* Click here for warranty




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