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Lexmark E100, E200, E300, E400 Series Printer and Parts List
No. Part Description Part Number
1 Tray 2 paper feed tires 40X5440
2 LCD operator panel assembly, E360d/dn DBCS 40X5388
3 Cooling fan (screws included) 40X5392
4 Fuser assembly 110-120V 40X5344
5 Fuser assembly 220-240V 40X5345
6 E460 Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V 40X5401
7 128MB DDR DRAM DIMM card 40X5937
8 256MB DDR DRAM DIMM card 40X5938
9 512MB DDR DRAM DIMM card 40X5939, 40X1510
10 Wireless network card assembly 40X5036
11 Tray 2 wear strips 40X2855
12 MPF tray assembly 40X5358
13 Primary tray 40X5381
14 250-sheet tray assembly (optional tray) 40X5394
15 550-sheet tray assembly 40X5395
16 Optional 250-sheet drawer 40X5398
17 Optional 550-sheet drawer 40X5399
18 Power cord; 1.8 m, 6 ft. Straight, US, Canada, Latin America, AP, Power Module is NOT included and may be needed to power your printer. 40X0297, 1339526
19 LVPS/HVPS card assembly 110-120 V/100 V 40X5361, 40X4361
20 LVPS/HVPS card assembly 220-240 V 40X5362, 40X4362, 40X3477
21 LSU (printhead) 40X5387
22 Controller board E360dn 40X5349
23 Controller board E360d E260d 40X5347
24 Controller board E460dw 40X5351
25 Controller board E460dn 40X5350
26 Controller board E260dn 40X5348
27 USB cable, packaged (2 m) 40X1368, 12A2405
28 Duplex gear drive CBM 40X5363
29 Manual feed clutch CBM 40X5368
30 Wear strips (250-Sheet Tray) 40X5382
31 Toner low sensor 40X5385
32 Paper feed ACM tires 40X5451
33 Antenna (11 inch cable) 40X5320
34 Access door open sensor assembly 40X5360
35 LCD bezel cover E360d 40X5355
36 LCD bezel cover E360dn 40X5390
37 LCD bezel cover E260d 40X5353
38 LCD bezel cover E260dn 40X5389
39 LCD bezel cover, E260 40X5393
40 Left Assembly Cartridge Guide 40X0407
41 Manual input sensor assembly 40X5366
42 Media feed (ACM) clutch 40X5370
43 MPF feed clutch 40X5371
44 Duplex and media sensor assembly 40X5365
45 Manual feed solenoid 40X5369
46 Transfer roll bearings gear spring (CBM) 40X5364
47 LCD bezel cover E460dn 40X5357
48 LCD bezel cover E460dw 40X5391
49 Screws miscellaneous 40X5396
50 Upper front frame assembly 40X5383
51 LCD bezel cover; E462dtn 40X2868
52 Media (ACM) drive assembly 40X5453
53 Right side cover 40X5375
54 Front access door assembly 40X5378
55 Rear upper and lower cover assembly 40X5377
56 Parallel cable, packaged (3 m) 40X1367
57 LED operator panel assembly E260d/E260dn 40X5352
58 Front door cover 40X5379
59 Left side cover 40X5374
60 Complete duplex assembly 40X5380
61 Media exit guide assembly (redrive) 40X5372
62 LCD operator panel assembly E360d/E360dn 40X5354
63 Main drive gearbox (in motor) 40X5367
64 Forms and Bar Code card E460 E462 40X0413
65 LCD operator panel assembly E460dn/E460dw 40X5356
66 Lexmark PrintCryption card assembly 40X5952
67 256MB flash card 40X5704
68 Relocation package kit E460 E360 E260 7470094