HP Officejet Pro X476dw MFP printer parts

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HP Officejet Pro X476dw MFP service manual

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1 CN461-67003 CN461-60002 Control panel assembly wireless models 250
2 CN598-67053  Hinge, ISS door 25
3 CN460-67009  Scanner assembly 350
4 CN598-67008  Document feeder assembly 350
5 CN598-67022  Output drive kit 85
6 CN459-60292  Eject drive gear module (part of output drive kit) *
7 CN459-60307  Flap actuator solenoid (part of output drive kit) *
8 CN459-40410  Rack eject lifter flap (part of output drive kit) *
9 CN598-67036  Duplex drive module *
10 CN598-67016  Power supply 280
11 CN598-67034  Media presence sensor/flag *
12 CN598-67025  Platen *
13 CN598-67030  Feedshaft encoder PCA *
14 CN598-67018  Separation assembly *
15 CN598-67019  Power button assembly 95
16 CN598-67057  Duplex presence sensor PCA  
17 CN598-67004  Duplex module 280
18 CN598-67061  Sensor carriage PCA/encoder strip *
19 CN598-67034  Media presence flag/opto PCA kit *
20 CN461-67002  Main PCA X476dw models *
21 CN460-67007  Fax PCA 165