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HP Lj P4014, 4015, 4515 Printer Parts

HP Lj P4014, 4015, 4515 user manual
HP Lj P4014, 4015, 4515 service manual

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 1.  RM1-1461-FM3  Fuser Film Sleeve(Japanese material)
 2.  LPR-4014-LOW  Fuser Pressure Roller
 3.  RM1-1110/CB506-67903  Transfer Roller Assy
 4.  RL1-1663-000  Pick up roller TRAY1
 5.  RL1-1654-000  Pick up roller TRAY1
 6.  RL1-1641-000  Pick up roller TRAY1
 7.  RU6-0164-000  Fuser gear(18T)
 8.  N/A  Fuser gear(17T)
 9.  BSH-4014  Bushing Right, Pressure Roller
 10.  RM1-0036-000  Pick up Roller
 11.  RM1-0037-000  Pick up Roller
 12.  RC2-5208-000  Fuser Guide Delivery
 13.  LVR-P4014-RGT  Fuser Latch Clip, Right
 14.  LVR-4014-LFT  Fuser Latch Clip, Left
 15.  CB438-67901  P4014/4015/4515X formatter
 16.  RM1-4579  Fuser assy
 17.  CB389-67901  Maintenance kit – 220V includes fusing assembly, transfer roller, transfer-roller tool, tray pick-up rollers, eight feed rollers
 18.  RL1-1657-000  Main Drive Motor
 19.  RM1-5465/RM1-7419  Laser Scanner assembly
 20.  RM1-4526  Paper Drive Assembly
 21.  RM1-4529  Paper Delivery Assembly
 22.  RM1-4563  Paper Pick-up Assembly
 23.  RM1-4527  Roller assembly, paper feed
 24.  RM1-5460  Registration assembly
 25.  RM1-4532  Drive Assembly, Paper Pick-up
 26.  RM1-4559  500s Paper Cassette Tray 2
 27.  CE998-67901/CB518A  500s Paper Cassette Tray 3 w/ Feeder Assy
 28.  RM1-5059  P4015/4515 Control Panel Ass’y
 29.  RM1-4578  Power supply 220V
 30.  RM1-4582  DC Controller Ass’y
 31.  CB519A  Duplexer
 32.  RM1-4531  P4015/4515 Tray, Output, Face-up
 33.  RC2-2459  Cover, Option
 34.  RM1-4552  P4015/4515 Top Cover Ass’y
 35.  RM1-4550  P4015/4515 Cover Ass’y, Right
 36.  RC2-2475  P4015/4515 Cover, Right, Front
 37.  RC2-2476  P4015/4515 Cover, Envelope Connector
 38.  RC2-5239  P4015/4515 Cover, Legal
 39.  RC2-2510  P4015/4515 Cover, Duplexing outer
 40.  RM1-4534  P4015/4515 Cover, Front
 41.  RM1-4551  P4015/4515 Cover, left
 42.  RC2-2484  Drum Drive assembly