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 1.  –  Fuser Film /sleeve
 2.  RM1-6319-000  Fuser (Fixing) Ass’y, 220V
 3.  RM1-6268-000  Pick-Up Ass’y, MP Tray 2, LJ P3015
 4.  RM1-6272  Registration Roller Ass’y, LJ P3015
 5. RF5-2409  
 6.  RM1-6318-000  DC Controller, 220V, LJ P3015
 7.  RM1-6322-R  Laser/Scanner Ass’y, LJ P3015/M525mfp
 8.  RM1-6518-R  Control Panel Ass’y,Duplex Mdls,LJ P3015d/dn/x
 9.  RM1-6280-R  Power Supply, High Volt,LJ P3015d/dn/x Duplex
 10.  RM1-6300-000  Power Supply, High Volt,LJ P3015/n Simplex
 11.  RM1-6279-R  Paper Tray 2 (Cassette), 500S, LJP3015/M525mfp,Rfb
 12.  RL1-2412-000  Pickup Roller Tray 1
 13.  RM1-6303-000  Separation Pad Tray 2 for the 500-Sheet Paper
 14.  RM1-6323-000  Pickup Roller for 500 Sheet Paper Input Tray 2, 3 and 4 Cassette
 15.  RM1-6289-000  Top Cover Ass’y, LJ P3015
 16.  RC2-7677-000  Cover, Upper Right Sub Duplex Mdls, LJ P3015d/dn/x
 17.  RC2-7676-000  Cover, Upper Right, Duplex Mdls, LJ P3015d/dn/x
 18.  RC2-7674-000  Cover, DIMM, LJ P3015
 19.  RC2-7688-000  Cover, Formatter, LJ P3015
 20.  RC2-7675-000  Cover, Right Handle, LJ P3015
 21.  RC2-7670-000  Cover, Right, LJ P3015
 22.  RC2-7672-000  Cover, Right Front, LJ P3015
 23.  RM1-6265-000  Cover, Multi-Purpose Ass’y, LJ P3015
 24.  RM1-6266-000  Plate Ass’y, MP Lifting, LJ P3015
 25.  RM1-6292-000  Cover Ass’y, Rear, LJ P3015
 26.  RC2-7673-000  Cover, Right, Rear, LJ P3015
 27.  RM1-6264-000  Cartridge Door Ass’y, LJ P3015
 28.  RM1-6291-000  Cover, Left, LJ P3015
 29.  RM1-6284-000  Tag Holder Ass’y, LJ P3015
 30.  RK2-3103-000  Cable, Flat, LJ P3015
 31.  WG8-5696-000  Photo-Interupter
 32.  RC2-7933-000  Stopper, Bushing Arm
 33.  RK2-1490-000  Solenoid, Tray 1, LJ P3005/P3015/M3027/35/P
 34.  RK2-1492-000  Solenoid, SL2, LJ P3005/P3015/M3027/35
 35.  RM1-6283-000  Switch Ass’y, Power, LJ P3015
 36.  RM1-6512-000  Sensor, Paper Width, LJ P3015
 37.  RM1-6511-000  Sensor, Top, LJ P3015
 38.  RM1-6270-000  Guide Ass’y, Paper Feed, LJ P3015
 39.  RK2-3101-000  Cable, Flat, LJ P3015
 40.  RM1-6273-000  Guide Ass’y, Position, Duplex Mdls, LJ P3015d/dn/x
 41.  RM1-6263-000  Guide, Lower Paper Feed,Duplex Mdls,LJ P3015d/dn/x
 42.  RK2-1499-000  Fan, Left, LJ P3005/P3015/M3027/35/M525mfp
 43.  RK2-1497-000  Fan, Right, FM1, LJ P3005/P3015/M3027/35
 44.  RM1-6515-000  Sensor, Environmental, LJ P3015
 45.  RK2-2788-000  Cable, Flat, LJ P3015
 46.  RM1-6514-000  USB, Front, LJ P3015
 47.  WC4-5171-000  Microswitch, Fuser Delivery Drive
 48.  RM1-6510-000  Sensor, MP, LJ P3015
 49.  RM1-6271-000  Idler Roller Ass’y, LJ P3015
 50.  RM1-6299-000  Pick-Up Ass’y, MP Tray 2, Simplex Mdls. LJ P3015/n
 51.  RM1-6313-000  Pick-Up Roller Set, Cassette, LJ P3015/M525mfp
 52.  RM1-6311-000  Roller Ass’y, Face-Down, LJ P3015/M525mfp
 53.  RM1-6296-000  Motor Ass’y, Fuser, LJ P3015
 54.  RM1-6301-000  Roller Ass’y, Paper Delivery, LJ P3015/M525mfp