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HP Lj P2014 and 2015 Series Printer 250-sheet tray install guide

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 1.  RM1-1461-FM3  Fuser Film Sleeve(Japanese material)
 2.  RU5-0331-000  Gear 29T, Lower Roller
 3.  RC1-3610/3609  Bushing Left, Pressure Roller
 4.  RM1-1298-000  Separation Pad
 5.  RB2-1524-000  Separation Pad Tray1
 6.  RB1-2891-000  Paper Pick up Roller Tray2
 7.  RL1-0540-000  Paper Pick up Roller Tray2
 8.  LPR-2015  Fuser Pressure Roller
 9.  RL1-0568-000  Pick up Roller Tray1
 10.  2014 pressure roller
 11.  Q7804-60001  2015, d, non-network
 12.  Q7805-60002  2015 dn / n / x formatter (network and duplex)
 13.  2015 fuser assy
 14.  RM1-4248  2014 / 2015 / 2727 , tray 1
 15.  RM1-4251  2014 / 2015 / 2727 , tray 2
 16.  RK2-1567  2014 / 2015 / 2727 , Motor, DC
 17.  RM1-4274  2014 / 2015 Controller assy (ECU), engine, 220v

HP Lj P2014 / 2015 Series Printers
The HP P2015dn has the right features to make it a good fit for a small office or home office
Compact; lightning fast prints; overall good text quality; multipurpose input tray is convenient; low per-page costs

The LaserJet P2015 mono printer is an exercise in space-saving simplicity.

With an elegant design and simple controls that boil down to two buttons and a few status indicators, the P2015 looks positively streamlined. In time-honoured LaserJet tradition, fitting the toner cartridge is straightforward, while the main paper input tray, which slides in under the main body of the printer, feels robust and businesslike, complete with its mechanically-operated paper level gauge, making it easy to see how much paper is left.

As well as the main, 250-sheet paper input tray, there’s an additional 50-sheet multi-purpose input tray, that is ideal for envelopes and also comes complete with an extra slideout support so that full-sized letterhead paper or other specialist A4 media is kept fl at and fully supported when in use.

The basic version of the printer is great, utilising ‘instant-on’ fuser technology for delivering single-page prints in under nine seconds. A4 document pages follow on rapidly at up to 26ppm. Graphics are handled speedily, thanks to a 400MHz Motorola ColdFire processor and 32MB of RAM, upgradeable to 288MB via a single 144-pin DIMM slot.

Best quality mode ups the resolution to an impressive 1200x1200dpi, doing justice to detail. The basic version includes manual duplex facilities, via the printer driver.  The P2015d offers fully automatic duplex.